Original Mama Bunz

Soft bread filled with special butter, topped with crispy coffee topping

370.00 KCAL

Ultimate belgian chocolate

Bunz covered with a mixture of the finest Belgian chocolate (white chocolate - milk chocolate)

500.00 KCAL

Lotus biscuit

Creamy and crunchy lotus are wonderful and delicious recipes chosen to complement the fun with our bunz

740.00 KCAL


Bunz covered with delicious pistachio cream, which doubles the delicious taste

650.00 KCAL

French caramelized cinnamon

Caramel bunz with French Cinnamon and caramel , gave rich in the taste and brings more energy to the entire body

510.00 KCAL

Saffron Bunz

Bunz with saffron helps to improve the health and strengthen the immune system

400.00 KCAL

M M s Rainbow

Added candy bars to the bunz , milk chocolate , dark chocolate and crunchy

570.00 KCAL


The famous Nutella hazelnut creamy sure gives you more rich taste

440.00 KCAL


Flavor of caramel , butter and vanilla adds a sense of completeness to your experience with buns

460.00 KCAL

Classic chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most popular products allover the world ,we serving it with our bunz Please tell us what you think after…

500.00 KCAL


Buns with oreo biscuit stuffed with white cream makes your choice indulgent and delicious

570.00 KCAL


Bunz with chocolate pieces stuffed with hazelnut cream and milk filling

560.00 KCAL


Adding honey to our buns is a delicious and remarkable experience

490.00 KCAL

Bounty Coconut

Bunz and coconut chocolate makes a fabulous taste

570.00 KCAL


Buns with caramel and peanuts completes your experience with us

560.00 KCAL

Whipped cream

Buns with whipped cream is light and fluffy

530.00 KCAL


Bunz with melted cheese is a unique experience and added an extra variety to your choices

510.00 KCAL

Nutella cloud

260.00 KCAL

Cinnamon cloud

240.00 KCAL

Caramel macchiato

260.00 KCAL


200.00 KCAL

Mama mocha

440.00 KCAL

Hot chocolate

370.00 KCAL


340.00 KCAL

Flat white

90.00 KCAL


70.00 KCAL


0.00 KCAL


0.00 KCAL

Turkish coffee

0.00 KCAL

Arabic coffee

0.00 KCAL


473.00 KCAL

English Tea

0.00 KCAL

Green Tea

0.00 KCAL

Moroccan Tea

0.00 KCAL

Mocha frappe

540.00 KCAL

Caramel frappe

570.00 KCAL

lotus frappe

550.00 KCAL

Mama mocha frappe

550.00 KCAL

red velvet

550.00 KCAL

oreo frappe

850.00 KCAL

oreo milkshake

660.00 KCAL

Ribbon milkshake

660.00 KCAL

vanilla milkshake

570.00 KCAL

iced latte

160.00 KCAL

Iced mocha

310.00 KCAL

Fresh Orange Juice

560.00 KCAL


130.00 KCAL